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The Pistang Pilipino sa Tauranga began with the traditional meet and greet with local and national  politicians and representative members from Filipino clubs and societies from all over the country. We were welcomed warmly by the Mayor and MP Simon Bridges. We felt at home by the way the mayor and the Tauranga filipino community treated us with their kind words and of course the superb food and drinks. A local Filipino pastor and his family were astounding with their performance of special songs and music.

Tauranga was fortunate to have sports and entertainment facilities like ASB and the QE auditorium where the concert and competitions were held. They  were almost able to hold everything in one place but due to the evergrowing population of Filipinos here in New Zealand I don’t think there will ever be a venue where everything can be done under one roof. Pistang Pilipino really plays a special part annually for almost every Filipino here in NZ. Because of our love of fellowship, food, sports, concerts and traditional Filipino activities an event like this is a must to see. One of the special things that I want to share here is the friendships that develop in spite of the competitiveness, distance and once a year gathering. The joy and happiness it brings is truly and genuinely expressed, and is priceless.

All the events went really well except for natural minor problems and unforeseen situations. But overall it was a very successful event by the Tauranga Filipino Society headed by their President Theresita Nicholls. Tita Teri to many or Ate and her team did a tremendous job keeping things in order, they gave their best to meet the demands and high standards of organising such a big event like Pistang Pilipino. There were 6000 estimated spectators and delegates from all over the country, that made 2015 Pistang Pilipino a very popular event of the year for all of us Filipino and anybody associated with the Philippines.

The AGM was particularly busy as an election was held. Every two years an election is held to replace two out of four positions. Pistang Pilipino 2015 was the last term for Chairman and Vice Chairman which were Doctor Tony Noblejas and Cherry Andrews respectively. For the last four years they held their position and they contributed a vast amount of time, energy and talent to keep the Federation up to  a high standard and running smoothly. With their leadership the Federation tackled many issues and resolved them effectively. During their term they were involved in spearheading Yolanda victim fundraising and were able to be part of one of the biggest fund raisers ever held here in New Zealand for Filipinos. But of course this will not have happened if not for the help of many members and organisation initiatives across NZ.

As the newly elected FFASCNZI chairman I still turn to Doctor Tony and Tita Cherry for guidance and wisdom. Together with Angel Carambas of Palmerston Filipino Association, the newly elected Vice Chairman, Rolyn Demafelis our Secretary and Cora Noblejas the treasurer we will work hard and to the best of our ability to keep the FFASCNZI integrity and quality of service to all the members.



23 – 25 October, 2015

Our last Fiesta had seen some weaknesses in our rules and regulations especially the sports division. Thank you for the active participation of Delegates from various part of New Zealand during our AGM. The Federation was able to rectify many issues on registration especially compliance with the appointed dates for Deadline of Registration. Many will notice that we have now an Early Birds registration that allows discounted registration fee. It will cost more for the late ones. Host City in the future will have a feel of how many will be participating earlier and therefore able to plan better.

The Sports Committee headed by Jun Valencia and Abel Foronda our Federation Treasurer also had encourage better behaviours and sportsmanship among players. With their strict implementation of rules and penalties to those who are causing trouble, New Plymouth Fiesta went smoothly. For the first time there was no heated arguments nor major complaints noted.

Abel, our treasurer had proven himself beyond doubt as capable Federation Executive. As Treasurer he was meticulous in his accounting. And with his computer expertise he got the Federation Website up to date and easily accessible. I am very grateful of his sound advises during Federation meeting.

Jun Valencia’s many years of assisting our Sports activities in invaluable. We are very grateful for his never ending dedication to help and advise.

We also had seen some deserving applicants for educational assistance through our Scholarship Grants headed by Cherry Andrews, our current Vice Chairperson. It is our aim to have more Funds.

Rolyn, our Secretary has the most experience in her role, being elected several times in many years. She had dedicated her time in making sure that she is available to action many undertakings by the Federation.

My time with the Federation as Chairperson ends this term. I was the Chairperson for four years. Our constitution allows four consecutive years to serve and has to stand down as Executive. This also is true with Cherry who was with me for the past 4 years. The support she gave me all those years are tremendous and I am very grateful that she was with me in this journey. She had made it easy for me to lead with her very capable and sensible advises during those years.

I Thank everyone who had supported me from the time I proposed to establish this Federation up until now.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Antonio Noblejas, QSM                                                                                                                                                Phil. Presidential Banaag Award, 2008                                                                                                                        FFASCNZI  Chairperson 2011 – 2015





Message: Fiesta sa Taranaki –

The long awaited Fiesta sa Taranaki finally came to reality. After nearly three years of
careful planning, the Taranaki Filipino Society Inc. had overcome all the challenges
that came their way. These includes securing all the venues for the event, solicit
funding and donations in the early stage over and above their tireless meetings on the
logistics of the event.

For a first time Host of the yearly Fiesta, Taranaki Filipino Society Inc. gathered all
their resources, meet regularly, plan the event carefully to make this Fiesta something
for us to remember in years to come.
The hard work of the Executive Officers and its Organising committee had made this
Fiesta a successful one. I would also like to acknowledge the members and friends
who had selflessly volunteered their time and commitment.. They tirelessly worked
behind the scene. Without them this Fiesta will not be a success.

I would also like to acknowledge all our Sponsors and Donors for their generous
financial assistance. The Federation of Filipino Association Societies and Clubs of NZ
“Thank you” for the support you had given us.
To many Filipinos who had been regularly attending and the many participants in the
past and the recent attendee, Fiesta sa Taranaki is one not to be missed. Taranaki is
very well known for its beautiful sceneries. And of course the ever popular Taranaki

It is my pleasure and privilege to have this opportunity to acknowledge all the Major
Sponsors and many small businesses and individuals for their generous contribution.
Welcome to everyone who had come from out of town to celebrate this Fiesta sa Taranaki.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Antonio Noblejas, QSM

Chairman 2011 – 2015
Phil. Presidential Banaag Awardee, 2008

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Pistang Pilipino Sa Tauranga 2015



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Pistang Pilipino 2016 sa Wellington
Labour WeekendOctober 21st, 2016
The big day is here.